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About us

SGGM Water Services Pty (Ltd) is a South African firm that concentrates in the drilling and installation of boreholes. With the shortage of water caused by a season of drought that the country has suffered lately, borehole drilling is the way to go to ensure consistent supply of water and avoid water restrictions and to cut your costs. South Africa has been classified as a water-stressed country, meaning more than 80% of the water available to agricultural, domestic and industrial users is withdrawn yearly.. It should be understood that boreholes cannot be drilled everywhere – it all depends on the geology of the land, and that too, determines the costs. SGGM Water Services is one of the borehole companies in Johannesburg that will provide you with all the important information concerning drilling for water and we also have equipment with the ability to work in different geological make up and can get your borehole established in a matter of minutes.